Pumping Station Protection And Control System

Product Details:

Requirement DetailsANY
Service DurationANY
Type of ServiceIOT

The ready made IOT solution set comprises of:

 — Switchboard panel (according to the customer’s request it can be of various modifications: plastic: internal, external; metal, sealed, unsealed);

— ЕМ-481 Controller is remote access controller for manual control and supervisory monitoring for the cabinets for controlling the streetlight (the controller is designed to connect up to 250 local devices and transfer information to remote data collection server that operates in the Internet networks through any available Ethernet communication channels— Wi-Fi — GSM);

— МСК-107 Controlleris designed for monitoring the level of liquid in the tank, operation in modes: filling, drainage;

— UBZ-302 device, the universal motor protection unit is designed for continuous monitoring of mains voltage parameters, operating phase/line current values of three-phase electrical equipment for 380 V, 50 Hz and checking the value of electric motors insulation resistance;

— Power supply unit for 220/12 V 1 A is designed to power the EM-481 device;

— Switching devices (circuit breaker, contactors) — these devices are equipped in accordance with the rated power of the connected load, and at the request of the customer can be of any desired manufacturer;

— Shunt electromagnetic release device and an intermediate relay are necessary to protect the equipment against sticking the magnetic contacter.


— Convenient configuration wizard for connections for easy and quick implementation into existing workflow (provide stable Internet signal in the switchboard, go to the unique link in the set and select the correct model of your device from the list);

 — Tools for reporting and analyzing the cumulative data (interactive charts, analytical histograms, xls-reports, aggregation of data from distributed facilities into one graph or report);

— Alarm reporting by SMS, email or voice dialing with receiving notification control (the system will dial all known numbers of service personnel and if there are no responses, it will only go to the list of numbers with the higher level of responsibility);

— Documentation with detailed description for self-creation of animated visualizations and programs of logical automation (the logic is stored in the communication controller and does not depend on the presence of connection with the server; visualization is drawn in standard graphic editors);


It is easy way to build the unified control system for all the points of water supply ; fast arrangement for accounting the consumption and service life; combining many distributed objects into a single web-dispatching system in order to:

— Control the operation of the serviced points using convenient and intuitive dispatching web-consoles;

— Create alarm reporting system for maintenance personnel and minimize emergency outages;

— Collect all reporting information using the automated data collection system;

 — Carry out the adjustment of the equipment operation and state analysis without sites visit;

 — Get detailed history and xls-reports on consumption and the other critical parameters for analyzing the operation of all systems;

— Provide individual users with access to visualization of the technological process on-line and partial access to the necessary reporting and control.

Additional Information:
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India.