Interface Controllers & Protocol Converters

Interface controllers like smart-relays allows users to process digital and analog input signals, as well as logic functions and timer modules. It is an ideal programmable controller designed for use in small commercial and industrial automation sectors, including packaging machines, printing machines, commercial building controls, parking controls, lighting applications, and more, where cost is a primary design issue. All programming and data adjustments can be done via with the help of the software (cloud platforms).

Protocol Converters are used to convert standard or proprietary protocol of one device to the protocol suitable for the other device or tools to achieve the interoperability. Protocols are software installed on the routers, which convert the data formats, data rate and protocols of one network into the protocols of the network in which data is navigating. There are varieties of protocols used in different fields like power generation, transmission and distribution, oil and gas, automation, utilities, and remote monitoring applications. The major protocol translation messages involve conversion of data messages, events, commands, and time synchronization.