Product Details:

Voltage TypeAC
Voltage (V)220 – 240V
Number of Poles2 Pole
Power Range (kW)0 – 20kW
ApplicationPower Limiter with Digital kW meter function
Contact FormPotential Free, SPDT (1NO + 1NC)
Coil TypeLatching
Current (Amp)8A
TypePower Controller & Current Overload Relay

OM-110 power limiting relay is used for continuous control of single phase active or total power. The measured power range is between 0 and 20 kW or between 0 and 20 kVA OM-110 rejects the load in case the user-set maximum allowed load consumption power level is exceeded (with a set rejection time), and subsequently activates the load automatically (with a set activation delay time, or an option to block reclosing).

Potentiometers and DIP-switches installed in the front panel allow the user to set the following values:

  • Maximum allowed power level
  • Relay activation time
  • Automatic reclosing delay time

The load consumption is measured without electrical opening, using an integrated current sensor.

OM-110 relay can be used in the following capacities:

  • Digital wattmeter (active or full power meter)
  • Load consumption limiting relay
  • OM-110 is powered by the voltage measuring circuits

Documentation for this device

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: OM-110
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India

Technical Specifications:

Purpose of device

Control and distribution equipment.

Rated power supply voltage, V


Typical operation


Rated voltage frequency, Hz

47– 53

Harmonical configuration (nonsinusoidality) of power supply voltage

EN 61000-3-2

(IEC 1000-3-2)

Measurement range of power, , kW (kVA)

0– 20,0

Power measurement accuracy is not less than


Adjustable range for setting maximal power

a) k=1; Wmax, kW( kVA)

Absolute deviation for power measurement not more than, kW (kVA)

b) k=10; Wmax, kW(kVA)

    Absolute deviation for current measurement not more than, kW, kVA

0– 1.075


0– 20


Adjustable time range for autoreclosing time delay – ton, sec

0– 900, ∞

Adjustable time range for tripping time delay – toff, sec

0– 300

Readiness time after turn ON, not more than, sec*


Maximal commutation current on the output terminals, А, not less


Minimum voltage when safe operating (effective value), V **


Maximal voltage when safe operating (effective value), V


Maximum permissible voltage, V,


Protection degree:         – device

                                      – terminal block



Index protection of electrical shock


Permissible degree of pollution


Overvoltage category


Nominal voltage of insulation, V


Rated impulse withstand voltage, kV


Power consumption (when load is disconnected), kW

to 3.5

Commutation lifetime for the output contacts:

– under the load of 8А, not less than

– under the load of 1A, not less than

100 000

1 000 000

Torque for terminal screws, N*m


Weight, kg, not more than


Dimensions (3 way standard DIN module thickness for DIN rail mounting), mm

90 х 52,6 х 69,1

Positioning – free

The wire cross section of connecting terminals is 0.5 – 2.0 mm2

Mounting to standard 35 mm DIN-rail

*In the extreme right position of the knob, turn-off time of 295 s is allowed.

**Reaction time on turn ON is not more than 2 seconds. This time includes device selftesting, turning ON the power load, measuring power consumption and tripping the power load OFF in case fault situation is detected.

*** To increase operational range to low voltage ОМ-110 has function to disable LED digital indicator if voltage level gets lower than 130V. If voltage level is less than 110V then OM-110 automatically opens its output terminals to initial cold state position and thus tunrs OFF.

OM-110 complies with requirements IEC 60947-1, ІEC 60947-6-2, CISPR 11, IEC 61000-4-2.

Harmful substances in concentration more than allowed are absent.