Product Details:

Voltage (V)24V DC and 220 – 240V AC
Number of Poles2 Pole, 2 channels
ApplicationOn delay, Off delay, Cyclic timer, Pulse timer, Star-Delta timer
Current (Amps)5A
Time Range8 selectable time range, 0.1 sec to 20 hrs.
Contact Form2 x SPDT (2NO + 2NC)
Coil Type2 channel Potential free, SPDT per channel

REV-201M is designed for the commutation of electrical circuits of 240V 50Hz AC as well as 24V DC electrical circuits with the adjustable time delay setting.

The relay has two channels and can be operated by one of seven operation algorithms that the user specifies:

– Turn ON time delay relay;

– Pulse relay 1;

– Intermittent (cyclic) relay 1;

– Operation relay (star-delta);

– Pulse relay 2;

– Intermittent relay 2;

– OFF delay relay.

REV-201M could be used as the relay of pre-starting signalization for the machinery that require to announce that some mechanism or machinery will soon take a start to make people aware of this and get away from the risky zones. Widely used for steel plants, heavy machinery, cranes and construction mechanisms as well as mining companies for the technological stuff safety.

The operation logic algorithm can be selected by the A position DIP switch. The device has 7 selectable time range set by the D1 and D2 DIP switches.

Time delay setting for each channel starts from the moment of the power supply given to the corresponding channel. REV-201M allows to provide 2 modes of operation:

Mode 1. Independentoperationofchannels. To each of two channels power supply is given independently and thus each channel starts the countdown from the moment the power supply is given. This is the mode when 2 independent time relays are functioning in one compact case housing (2 time delay relays in one case).

Mode 2. Parallel operation of the channels.To each of two channels the power supply is applied simultaneously. Thus, the time countdown on each channel starts at the same time and comes one and the same input power supply. Triggering time corresponds to the user-adjusted settings for each of the channels. So the REV-201M in this mode operates like one time delay relay with 2 output contacts that have the same or different time settings.

The front panel features for each channel a double-color LED with the following algorithm:

  • Green glow voltage is present on the channel
  • Red glow – load relay is on
  • Each channel’s output is equipped with one normally closed contact and one normally open contact
  • The relay power circuit is galvanically isolated from the output circuits

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: REV-201M
  • Port of Dispatch: New Delhi, India

Basic technical characteristics:

Rated AC input power supply (terminals L, N), V

150 – 300

Voltage Harmonicas Distortion Factor, not more than

12 %

Rated DC input power supply (terminals +24, N), V

24 ±10%

Rated power circuit frequency, Hz

50 – 60

Harmonical configuration (non-sinusoidality) of power supply voltage

EN 61000-3-2

(IEC 1000-3-2)

Initialization readiness time after the power supply application to the channel, sec, less then


Timing accuracy, %, not less then


Time setting accuracy (scale accuracy), %, not less then


Number of operation algorithms


The time setting range is divided in 8 subsections



0-1 s

0-10 s

0-100 s

0-1 min

0-10 min

0-100 min

0-1 hour

0-10 hours

0-10 s

0-100 s

0-1 min

0-10 min

0-100 min

0-1 hour

0-10 hours

0-20 hours

Time setting adjustment


Number of scale marks for the potentiometer knobs


Type and quantity of the output commutation terminals

1 changeover

Protection degree:                     –  housing

                          – contact terminals



Commutation lifetime of the output terminals at cosj=1:

                                        – under the load of 7А, times, not less then

                                        – under the load of 1А, times, not less then

100 000

1 000 000

Rated power consumption (under the load), VA, not more then


Allowable soil level


Overvoltage category


Nominal voltage of isolation, V


Nominal impulse withstanding voltage, kV


Cross section of wires of connection terminals, mm²


Maximal tightening torque of terminals external screws, N*m


Weight, kg, not more then


Operation temperature range, °С

from – 30 to +55

Storage temperature, °С

from – 45 to +60

                                                                                                    Arbitrary mounting position

                                                                                                    Standard 35 mm DIN rail mounting

Electrical characteristics for the Output terminals:

Cos ф

Maximal current at U~250V

Maximal capacity

Maximal   Voltage ~

Maximal Current at UDC=28V


5 А

1250 VА

250 V

3 А

REV-201M complies with requirements: IEC 60947-1:2004, ІDТ; ІEC 60947-6-2:1992, ІDT; IEC 61000-4-2:2001, IDT; CISPR 11:2004, IDT

Pollutants in the amount, which is not to exceed the maximum permissible concentration are none.