Product Details:

TypeMicro-controller based intelligent logic
Model NoMCK-301-6X
Voltage220V – 415V AC
Controller TypeDigital
Input SensorPTC, NTC

MCK-301-61 controller for HVAC and room temperature devices is designed for:

  • indoor temperature monitoring;
  • climate devices control according to measurement data;
  • alarm signaling with a corresponding indication about user- specified maximum indoor temperature exceeding;
  • change of status between main and stand-by air conditioners after user-set time delay has expired;
  • switching to an operational air conditioner and signaling about a fault when one of the air conditioners is faulty;
  • all temperature devices are switched off when there is a fire alarm signal;
  • the average indoor temperature indication;
  • indication of the climate device that is in operation at the moment.

The controller provides the modes of operation as follows:

— connected electric heater thermostat conditions;

— air conditioning zone control thermostat conditions;

— alarm conditions;

— testing conditions.


Analog inputs: there are 2 inputs for PTC sensors with reinforced electric insulation for temperature monitoring;

A digital fire alarm input (the decision is made according to «closed/open» state, closed   state corresponds to the running order, open state corresponds to the fire alarm signaling);

Two digital inputs for air conditioner fault sensors (if closed the air conditioner is faulty);

Main outputs:

–  two-way break-before-make   relay output for the 1st air conditioner control – 8A 250V at cosf=1;

– a normally open relay output for the 2nd air conditioner control – 8A 250V at cos f=1;

– a normally open relay output for the electric heater control — 8A 250V at cos f=1;

– an opto-relay output to start the alarm signaling – 100 mA ~AC or =DC;

Temperature resolution – 0.1°C;

Nominal supply voltage: one-phase voltage is 240V/ 50Hz or three-phase voltage is 415V/ 50Hz;

Operating voltage at single-phase power supply: 160V – 330V;

Power consumption is no more than 5Wt;

Enclosure: IP40;  

Terminal block enclosure:  IP20;

Operating temperature: from –10 to +55 °C;

Storage temperature: from –45 to +65 °C;

Weight is no more than 0.3kg;

Mounted on the standard 35 mm DIN-rail;

Mounting position is arbitrary.

MCK-301-61 complies with requirements: IEC 60947-1; ІEC 60947-6-2; CISPR 11; IEC 61000-4-2.