Three Phase Voltage Monitoring Relays

Three Phase Multifunction Voltage Sensitive Relays are designed for protecting three phase voltage equipment from impermissible circuit voltage surges, phase breaks, phase imbalance, phase adherence, and phase sequence violation. The relays are effectively utilized for protection of refrigerating, compressor, air-conditioning, and other equipment with electric motor loads. Also used in devices that require continuous monitoring of circuit voltage quality, availability and phase content, e.g. in automatic transfer schemes.

All voltage monitoring relays have the resetting ratio (hysteresis) of about 5V. The effective range of our relays is 30-150% of rated voltage. In case of extreme undervoltage and voltage spikes, the relay tripping acceleration is activated. The voltage monitoring relays provide for automatic load energizing after voltage parameters recovery within predetermined time relay. The relays are compact in size and weight. All relays are mounted onto standard DIN-rail.